Capability Centers

As several industries digitally transform and strive to become more efficient and responsive to customer needs, the necessity to build in-house capabilities and skills in technology and business processes has become a key differentiator. However, there is a serious shortage of qualified personnel possessing strategic capabilities and skills globally. In order to mitigate the perpetual shortage of skills, many companies are exploring access to the global talent pool.

Increasingly, leading companies are looking to enhance their enterprise differentiation and competitiveness by building in-house capabilities in key technology and business processes.

One of the key value drivers for the GICs is to build new and differentiated business capabilities for the host company. Such capabilities include digital technologies, agile / scrum methodologies, mobile development, advanced analytics, cloud technologies, etc. These capabilities are scarce globally, however, India offers an extremely robust and rich talent pool. Such capabilities are often aggregated by companies as Capability Centers.

ANSR helps its clients design, develop, establish and operate Capability Centers in areas such as technologies impacting digital transformation, advanced analytics, technology CoEs.