Innovation Labs & Startup Engagement Programs

Kyron, a wholly owned subsidiary of ANSR, is at the forefront of advancing the innovation agenda of companies through a suite of innovation products. These products are ecosystem-centric and bring together a host of stakeholders such as start-ups, academic institutions, the investment community, GICs, mentor network and start-up accelerators in a meaningful and effective manner.

Kyron/ANSR Innovation products include Corporate Accelerator/Start-up Engagement Program and Innovation Labs. The Corporate Accelerator is a highly customizable platform that helps companies in identifying “Start-up” solutions to their many business problems. A typical Corporate Accelerator/Start-up Engagement Program is a 3-4 month program that provides a structured opportunity for the companies and high quality, start-ups to engage in an accelerated manner to solve real-life business problems.

Kyron helps companies design and implement programs to engage with high quality, relevant start-ups that are curated based on a 'product-problem' fit.

Innovation Labs are typically stand-alone, dedicated facilities focused on resolving the biggest opportunities facing a company from a competitiveness and differentiation perspective. These Labs allow the companies to establish experimental pads to discover innovative solutions to their problems. The focus of these labs includes diverse areas such as AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT, AR/VR and automation.