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GCCs are now mainstream

GCCs have matured from being cost arbitrage centers to becoming integrated locations for leveraging best global talent in support of business, technology and workforce transformation.

In the post-COVID era, GCCs are poised to grow and mature even more rapidly and emerge as strategic capabilities in support of enterprise growth and relevancy agenda.

GCCs are now integral to the enterprise and are effectively bridging the gap between HQ based and remote, global teams.


Technology & business support leaders at GCCs


HQ headcount at GCCs *


GCCs are focused on directly impacting business outcomes


New enterprise technology products being developed at the GCCs

Source: NASSCOM Mckinsey study

The evolving GCC landscape

GCCs have successfully evolved into enterprise CoE teams for accelerating the technology adoption and enterprise transformation undertaking work in areas including digital, advanced data analytics, mobility, AI/ cognitive & automation.  


Expense base of GCCs in India


People employed by GCCs in India

Source: ANSR Research


Global 2000 with GCCs


Expected CAGR for GCCs

Success Stories

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Redefine retail to deliver world-class outcomes ++

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Evolution of Retail / CPG GCCs in India

Download our PoV on “Evolution of Retail/CPG GCCs in India” and learn more about the practices employed by some of the leading Retail/CPG GCCs in India that make this segment the fastest growing GCC segment in India. Download your copy here.


ANSR Leadership Forum (ALF)

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Each episode of Answer Cast explores an untrodden path and answers several unasked and unanswered questions for CXOs in realizing their business dreams through Global Capability Centers (GCC). Listen to all the latest episodes.


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About ANSR

Reimagining business, technology and workforce transformation through GCCs




Enterprise Talent

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ANSR is the market leader in enabling organizations accelerate build and manage global teams through captive center / Global Capability Centers (GCCs) and BOTs. ANSR provides full life-cycle services including GCC design, set up and enabling operations.

ANSR products / services include:

  • ANSR’s GCC consulting services
  • Powered by AI, Talent500 is an industry leading platform with over 300k members to enable GCCs hire best global talent
  • Workspace by ANSR is a full-service real estate and IT solution designed for GCCs
  • Business shared services covering HR, finance, IT, compliance, legal etc

For over 15 years now, companies cutting across size, industry and markets, have relied on ANSR’s expertise to successfully build global business and technology teams at the GCCs. 

ANSR delivers its GCC enabling products through a unique, no investment, subscription based ‘pay-as-you-grow’ platform enabling industry best ‘time to value’ benefits in a low-risk regime.

ANSR’s ‘As-A-Service’ Model


GCC Setup

Get the GCC up, running & creating value in 3-4 months


Consulting Services

COEs for Compensation & Benefits, Employer Branding and EVP, Tax, Risk, and capability-building.



Client branded, enterprise grade, customized, furnished workspace


Talent Acquisition

GCC employees, contingent staffing, and contractors through ANSR’s TALENT500 platform


Business Shared Services

HR, Finance, Procurement, Administration


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