ANSR Leadership Forum (ALF)

Advancing global markets and technological innovations

ALF is a

  • By-invite only ecosystem of courageous GCC leaders looking at exponential growth of enterprises using digital transformation
  • Platform to define how GCCs will shape the future
  • Forum to access thought leadership and unique intelligence for the GCC community and create benchmarks to help them evolve

Why is ALF right for you

  • Access and help build new benchmarks, best practices and a 360-degree view of the future GCC model
  • Network with GCC leaders, CXOs from large global enterprises, emerging start-ups and unicorn leadership team
  • Participate in a neutral forum, with insights into the latest technology, platforms and ecosystems


Share best practices from transformation journey


Governance, frameworks for growth & success


Innovate for growth

Upcoming Events – 2021


Attracting and Retaining Your Top Talent

Sep 22nd,

8:30 AM to 9:35 AM IST

Past Events – 2021

ANSR Safety and Collaboration

Start-up led corporate innovation

May 25th,

5:30 PM to 7:00 PM IST

ANSR Safety and Collaboration

Transitioning back to the workplace

Mar 17th,

8:30 AM to 9:30 AM IST

Recap from earlier events

ANSR ALF Culture

Harnessing culture that aligns to people’s values

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ALF Recap 25 May 2021

Reimagining startup-led corporate innovation in a post-COVID world

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Hybrid work model and hybrid workforce is here to stay.

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