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ANSR’s New Logo Shines a Bright Light on Our Future

ANSR Global has worked hard for the past 15 years to be a client-centric and inclusive organization, where the customer’s views, perspectives, culture, values and vision take precedence over everything else. In fact, these values are so strong that we imbedded them in our logo.

If you take a closer look at ANSR’s Global’s original logo, you can see an effective manifestation of all these elements. The concentric pattern means ANSR’s customers hit the mark every single time, and the red quotation marks represent the company’s inclusive and collaborative nature when working with customers.

ANSR logo mark

At the same time, the grey quote mark symbolizes ANSR’s unique point of view stemming from its experience of working closely with multinationals while setting up their Global Capability Centres (GCCs). The red represents ANSR’s authority and leadership in the industry, while the grey hints at the brand’s inclusive and collaborative nature. Overall, the logo symbolizes harmony, connection, and unity.

While this logo has served us well, all companies and organizations evolve over time -- and now is the time for a change.

Today, having established over 80 Global Capability CentersGlobal for the world’s leading organizations, ANSR is uniquely positioned to help global enterprises build, scale and manage global teams in talent hubs across the world. The recent changes in ANSR’s business structure and vision provided us with the opportunity to stop and consider how the business is perceived by customers and employees alike. We realised it was time to refresh the brand touchpoints, from messaging to visuals, which will help communicate the organization’s new direction with clarity and consistency.

New Logo Rationale: A Brief Summary

• A balance between the brand's legacy and future positioning
• Elegantly interconnected with presence and strength
• Two parts working in perfect harmony

We began the design process by looking at where we were currently, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing brand identity. We also looked at opportunities around simplification and a more considered approach to typography and colour to better portray a feeling of prestige, thought leadership and strength. However, we didn't want to dismiss the psychology and symbolism presented by the circular motif as it represented completion, wholeness and unity.

Color Theory

Understanding that ANSR Global does not have any direct, like-for-like competitors, we researched the comparative landscape instead. Here we found opportunities to stand out with orange and teal. We explored this pairing and began to experiment with the mood and emotion it generated as a visual language. We found it to be sophisticated, had strong contrast, and that it felt unique. The colors also worked well with negative space. They appeared clean, and versatile, and communicated a sense of maturity. For these reasons, the combination of these colors ended up being the preferred color palette.

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The New Logo Mark

Based on many hours of discovery, we set out to build a revamped brand identity that represents collaboration and partnership – and also a light shining on future opportunities. The strength of the original logo mark also inspired us to explore naturally occurring geometrical patterns. It is said that every natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more ‘sacred’ geometric shapes – and these can be seen in patterns throughout the natural world.

Picture 3

The spiral of a snail shell, and the captivating pattern of a single snowflake, are just two examples of sacred geometry.

Built on a framework that was inspired by sacred geometry, we started with radial light beams that are energetic and welcoming – resembling the open arms of partnership. We then introduced steps representing progress and exponential growth, bringing the two parts together working in perfect harmony, speaking to both the collaborative partnerships and end-to-end solutions that ANSR Consulting provides. We affectionately call this design the ‘Future Beam’ - a guiding light shining into the future as we continue to partner with our clients to grow their innovative businesses.

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Typographic Pairing

When it comes to the font, we decided that uppercase has the strength that ANSR Global stands for. This decision was inspired by constructivism, a philosophy that aims to reflect modern industrial society and urban space. The result is a brand mark that's unique, elegant and progressive. This logo, paired with the high contrast color palette and elegant photography, is easily identifiable. The negative space creates legibility and simplicity, while the bleeding gradient light creates interesting opportunities across traditional advertising.

As the new chapter of ANSR evolves, our new brand identity is something the employees and stakeholders can be proud of for the long term.

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