Building & Scaling a Global Product Engineering Team

Flexcar is a Boston-based vehicle subscription market leader. To further their core mission to disrupt a $110B car ownership industry, Flexcar intended to set up a deep- tech engineering center in Bangalore to power their product-centric expansion.

The Challenge

Flexcar aimed to build a top-tier product and engineering team but faced challenges with:

  • Shaping up a recognizable brand in a new region
  • High competition for the same talent pool
  • Benchmarking of local compensation & benefits in a dynamic market

Our Solution

A multi-pronged approach

  • Attractive employer brand
  • Strong focus on crisp, tailored messaging about Flexcar's tech & innovation goals
  • Highly targeted campaigns for pedigreed talent working at Uber, Microsoft, Meta, Google, Paytm, etc. to reinforce the opportunity of building a market disruptor in mobility.
  • Appealed to target segment's primary motivation to build technology of scale from scratch
  • AI-led sourcing & best-fit curation
  • Tapped into a global talent network of 1M+ professionals and 200+ job boards with our multi-channel sourcing tool.
  • High-powered proprietary AI fitment engine analyzed candidates across 100s of parameters based on skill and past experience to deliver 85% accuracy.

Compensation benchmarking & HR consulting

  • Real-time insights on compensation benchmarks based on the current talent market
  • Comprehensive and accurate view of salaries, benefits, etc.
  • Bespoke talent onboarding solutions
  • Best-in-class local benefits and policies, tailored to Indian candidates’ requirement.

As a result, we were able to hire mid & senior-level professionals with experience in product creativity, planning, and solutioning.

Built a high-impact team
of 40+ product engineers
Strong recognizable brand
with 10,000+ applications for open positions
Highly efficient & accurate
85% shortlisted from our AI- screening pipeline

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