ANSR Cookbook

ANSR GCC Cookbook 2021 and Beyond

GCCs are a mainstream strategy to establish new, strategic business capabilities, gain efficiencies and optimize costs. In the post-COVID world, Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are poised to become even more integral to the global enterprise. Swiftly and surely, we are moving towards the convergence of GCCs and the enterprise. With over 1400 GCCs, India has become a first-choice destination for global enterprises of all sizes.

This cookbook is designed and developed for the enterprises who are either planning to set up GCCs but not sure about the right way to do it and for the enterprises who are still evaluating the business benefits. 

This extensive cookbook presents you with a range of topics, such as


Table of Contents:

What is a GCC and why do you need it?

Key reasons why enterprises set up GCCs

Drivers influencing the GCC growth

Why do you need a GCC in India?

A sample list of GCCs that are set up in India – All sizes and verticals

Case in point – Retail Vertical

Trends that are changing the GCC game

GCC Blueprint

GCC Value Index

Success Stories


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