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GCC Leaders' Tech Predictions for 2023

Since the onset of the pandemic, business technology has evolved and expanded at an unprecedented rate. Even as the pandemic subsides, technology will continue to advance, introducing new tools and shifting focus on how businesses operate.

In 2022, companies focused on operational agility more than ever before and took a lead in strategically designing a sustainable hybrid work model. They placed people at the center, technology at speed and innovation at scale.

To prepare for the unexpected and adapt to whatever 2023 holds, future-ready organizations will make wise technology investments that secure future growth. 2023 will see AI adoption skyrocket by the rapid diffusion of models into all kinds of applications. Blockchain, AR/VR, Web3, and Metaverse technologies are set to take center stage as well.

Download the eBook

Download the eBook

As GCCs will be pivotal in making significant innovations in these technologies in the year 2023, we reached out to India’s top GCC leaders to find out their predictions for 2023. In this eBook, 13 GCC leaders discuss the top tech trends that will shape their businesses within the next year and why they will be so impactful.