Growth through Innovation 

Advance Auto Parts in India

Year established:  2020

GCC Location: Hyderabad

GCC Headcount: 400

Advanced Auto Parts (AAP) is a unique GCC due to the industry segment they service. AAP is building capability in areas such as e-commerce, data, analytics, finance, and pricing. AAP has been able to scale quickly in a year disrupted by Covid-19 and have hired ~400 FTEs in the current year.

The AAP GCC has been able to attract exceptional talent because of impactful work, cultural integration and by executing an effective onboarded strategy. Being innovation focused, AAP plans to build critical IP at the GCC

The GCC is actively replacing contractors or staff augmented roles with their own talent with a. strong focus on enterprise transformation. AAP also has a robust hybrid model in place; the India center works with IT service providers to partner and collaborate effectively

Advance Auto Parts ANSR


growth from planned to actual headcount during Covid-19


success rate in converting a candidate as employee; Speaks of a strong employer brand


AAP India will be the innovation hub by building the right digital capability

Diversity mix

Great diversity mix in terms of female to male ratio. They have great diversity across age, social and regional backgrounds

Evolution of Retail / CPG GCCs in India

A report from NASSCOM and ANSR