How will the workspace of the future be?

In the modern workspace that places equal importance on collaboration and hygiene, new materials and new zones will be introduced into a space that is flexible, customizable and integrated with IoT. Here’s what Workspace By ANSR believes is the future of office interiors.


1. Wider passages with signage for entry, exit, and walking routes

Easily navigable spaces that reduce contact and allow for installation of sanitisation units

2. Reconfigurable agile spaces

Modular meeting rooms or pods that may be rearranged to meet the social distancing guidelines

3. Resilient flooring at can be easily cleaned & maintained

Materials that can withstand fumigation and other key hygiene measures

4. Face recognition software for doors and elevators

Connected to smartphone apps that eliminate the need to push buttons or open doors by hand

5. No-touch sanitizing stations

Placed at key locations like reception areas, entrances, and collaboration spaces

6. Occupancy planning apps

Keeping employees informed in real-time about social distancing and density in high traffic areas

7. Modular furniture such as waste bins or shelves

In contrast to in-built units, these allow for more efficient cleaning and sanitization

8. Zonal air conditioning with MERV and HEPA filters

Boosting the efficacy of air purification and creating ringfenced zones to limit potential spread of hazardous particles

9. Sensor-based fixtures in washrooms

Touch-free soap & tissue dispensers and flush features to avoid contact

ANSR Future of Workspace
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