Evolution of Retail / CPG GCCs in India

A report from NASSCOM and ANSR


NASSCOM has partnered with ANSR to conduct a study on the “Evolution of Retail/CPG GCCs in India”. This report shares insights on various aspects of the Retail/CPG GCC’s evolution in India, and a promising outlook in the future. The insights published are primarily based on the responses received from the ‘State of the Retail/CPG GCCs in India’ survey rolled out to executives across global  Retail/CPG  organizations who have Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India. The findings present the current status of retail GCCs and their growth, their core value proposition, operating models, sustained expansion and transformation beyond delivering cost efficiencies, and strategic plans to emerge as the digital transformation and talent hub for the global enterprise in the future.

Key highlights 

  • India is home to 25% of all Global Capability Centers (GCCs) of global Retail/CPG companies
  • Retail GCCs in India employ over 50,000 in total headcount. With the ability to hire top talent in India, retail GCCs are supporting efforts of their global parents in building a robust pool of enterprise talent
  • 25 distinct Retail/CPG GCCs are likely to be established in 2021, while nearly 80% of the top 100 global Retail/CPG companies will consider establishing a GCC in India over the next two years
  • Global Retail/CPG GCCs prefer Bengaluru as their first location because of availability of skilled talent with a combination of digital skills and industry expertise, along with the existence of a vibrant and growing ecosystem comprising of service providers, product companies and start-ups
  • Having long-established their cost-efficient delivery strengths, expanding capabilities and the scope of services across more functions are other key priorities that global Retail/CPG companies have accelerated in recent times with their GCCs in India
  • Retail/CPG GCCs are increasingly driving innovation for their parent companies by establishing innovation/R&D labs, CoEs, and by leveraging the start-up ecosystem through in-house incubators as well as external start-up accelerator programs
  • Corporate start-up accelerator programs and academic partnerships have helped GCCs build their innovation capabilities right from product development to customer service
  • Mature Retail/CPG GCCs are building globally-relevant  digital  transformation  capabilities, in addition to other multi-functional services that span core business and corporate support functions
  • Mature GCCs are focusing on disruptive technologies and innovation, while, newer GCCs are in the foundational stages and are focused on excelling in the current scope and helping their parent companies successfully navigate through the current pandemic


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Evolution of Retail/CPG GCCs in India

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