Virtual Roundtable

Being the New CIO – The Big Reset and Beyond

How to thrive and drive change in a multi-location, multi-generation workplace

January 27, 2022


09:30AM to 10:15AM PST


12:30PM to 01:15PM EST

Digital initiatives to enabling a new way of working

Over the last year and half, the CIOs/Technology Leaders influence, and impact have accelerated due to global circumstances, and many tech leaders are seizing the opportunity to maintain the progress they’ve made across the enterprise. The need for digital modernization pervades every aspect of your business, but very few organizations can upgrade or overhaul every single capability at once. Under pressure to deliver rapid, scalable transformation, CIOs/CTOs must understand the levers that drive lasting digital impact, deliver unique value at all levels of the business, and create meaningful revenue growth. From digital initiatives to enabling a new way of working, CIOs/CTOs will continue to drive change into the future.

Join the conversation moderated by Lalit Ahuja, CEO, ANSR along with industry leaders, Kirk Ball, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Giant Eagle and Sri Donthi, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer discuss the value IT/Technology delivers to the business.

Hear the leaders talk about:

  • The role of CIOs/CTOs/Technology Leaders in building a resilient, scalable, and future-proof enterprise
  • How global teams (or Global Capability Centers) have enabled the strategic and accelerated adoption of technology
  • The key considerations for building an innovative, collaborative ecosystem for an organization

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    Lalit Ahuja ANSR

    Lalit Ahuja

    Founder and CEO, ANSR


    Kirk Ball

    EVP & CTO at Giant Eagle

    Sri Donthi

    Sri Donthi

    EVP & CTO at Advance Auto Parts


    Session Time (PST)

    Session Details

    9:30 AM

    Login and moderator to make introductions

    9:35 AM

    Short Introduction by ANSR

    9:40 AM

    Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group

    • Lalit in discussion with Kirk Ball, Sri Donthi
    • Followed by a discussion with the rest of the audience

    10:20 AM

    Q&A and close