An ANSR & Google Cloud Virtual Roundtable – II

Cloud -Transforming Business Through and Beyond the Pandemic

A GCC Perspective

November 26, 2021


11:00 AM to 12:00 PM IST

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Cloud -Transforming Business Through and Beyond the Pandemic

A GCC Perspective

India has emerged as the Technology capital for the world – there are now at least 55 unicorns in India, nearly 600 funding rounds in just the last 30 months and 200+ GCCs expected in the next 2 years. There has been a rapid acceleration not just in the number of startups being launched, but also in the variety of technologies they are experimenting with.

India GCC’s are leading the transformation agenda for the enterprise and the pandemic has accelerated the inevitable. Technology now underpins every facet of a business: products, services, business processes, and how customers and businesses interact. As organizations are investing and progressing on their digital journey, they are increasingly relying on talent and teams across the globe to help them navigate the changes and build strategic capacity.

How is Cloud enabling this strategic change?

During the roundtable, GCC leaders will discuss use cases on how enterprises are reshaping the business landscape through cloud. Few areas we will discuss:

  1. What is the cloud adoption story and how can it empower enterprises to be resilient, scalable and future-proof?
  2. How have global teams or Global Capability Centers enabled the strategic and accelerated adoption of technology?
  3. What are the key Cloud considerations for building an innovative, collaborative ecosystem for a thriving organization?

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Nandini Sabanayagam

Vice President, Engagement, ANSR

Ratnakar Reddy GC

Ratnakar Reddy

Regional Manager, Google Cloud India


Session Time (IST)

Session Details

11:00 AM


11:05 AM

GCC perspective

11:10 AM

Open discussion with the group, share use cases

11:45 AM


11:55 AM

Closing remarks by Google Cloud