Top Priorities for Finance Leaders in FY24 – ANSR

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2023 is a more challenging and unpredictable year compared to 2022, and companies are still navigating through incredibly turbulent waters. Recessionary pressures, economic uncertainty, geo-political issues, higher cost of capital, currency fluctuations, and lingering risks of the pandemic are shaping the 2023 business environment.

CFOs are uniquely positioned to help lead their companies in times of crisis, and map the best path to success. As CFOs’ role has evolved from ‘number crunchers’ to ‘strategic thinkers,’ they will focus on helping their companies build resilience – whether through critical decision-making backed by a real-time view of financial data, or ensuring competitive advantage with digital transformation and sustainability initiatives.

ANSR spoke to the top finance leaders across the Global Capability Center (GCC) sector to identify finance trends, priorities and challenges for FY2024. This year’s top priorities center around making the right technological investments, building capabilities, and battling high inflation and talent shortage. 

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