AI-led Screening

AI-led Screening

Leap, our AI-led screening product simplifies the hiring process, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are considered for each position. Our proprietary algorithms analyze thousands of data points to identify potential best-fit candidates. These insights are combined with the results from our unique multi-level assessments. This process allows us to provide our clients with the most accurate and unbiased candidate match for every role.

Identify Best Fit Candidates with Precision

Our solution streamlines the challenging task of narrowing down applicants to the top 2%. By analyzing thousands of data points, including skills, experience, education, and more, we provide you with a score for each candidate. This enables you to quickly identify the most promising candidates, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring the right talent for your organization.

Multi-Level Assessments

78% of applicants lie on resumes. Most are not caught until it’s too late. With ANSR, you can evaluate candidates with 100+ customizable online pre-employment tests through various parameters like technical knowledge, soft skills, cultural fit, and more to eliminate the guesswork and reduce your hiring risk.


Cut down on time spent on managing & scheduling interviews. Our expert interviewers understand your team's required skillset and conduct structured interviews to assess candidates based on their technical strengths. We schedule and conduct interviews on your behalf, ensuring consistency and helping you quickly identify the best candidates.

Unbiased Hiring

We're here to help you support and advance your DE&I goals while also ensuring that you're hiring the most qualified candidates. Our product is designed to identify and combat biases in the hiring process to ensure your hiring practices are fair and equitable.


Lightning-Fast Onboarding with EOR

360 Degree Evaluation

Assess candidates 100+ online pre-employment tests covering technical knowledge, soft skills, cultural fit, and more, effectively reducing hiring risks.


Expert interviewers conduct structured interviews based on your team's required skill set, ensuring consistency and helping you quickly identify the best candidates.

Best-fit Candidates

Hire candidates best suited to your requirements as our AI solution analyzes thousands of data points(skills, experience, education, etc) and provides a score for each candidate.

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