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Reimagining EVP in the New Normal

In the post-pandemic world, progressive organizations must shift from an employee-centric EVP to a human-centric EVP. It’s time to look beyond traditional EVPs built around compensation & benefits, and focus on career growth, mental health, flexibility and work-life balance.

GCCs Then and Now: Tracing the Evolution From IT Support to Tech Innovation Hubs

With tech leaders expecting artificial intelligence and machine learning to be critical revenue and innovation drivers in 2022, a growing number of multinationals are turning their GCCs into extended tech innovation hubs.

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Nearshoring: Strategic Partnerships for Business Growth

Nearshoring is a strategic business practice where companies outsource their projects or business processes to a neighboring country or region, typically one that shares a similar time zone or is in close proximity. It offers an alternative to offshoring, allowing your business to capitalize on the benefits of global collaboration.

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