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Reshaping Retail: How GCCs Can Ignite GenAI-Driven Innovation

In this whitepaper, we explore the journey of how GCCs are rapidly becoming GenAI-powered powerhouses, charting a roadmap that redefines retail innovation while simultaneously shaping the future of GCCs themselves.

GCC Leaders' Tech Predictions for 2024

As GCCs will be pivotal in making significant innovations in these technologies in the year 2024, we reached out to India’s top GCC leaders to find out their predictions for 2024. In this eBook, GCC leaders discuss the top tech trends that will shape their businesses within the next year and why they will be so impactful.

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The GCC Growth Kit

Download the ANSR GCC Growth Kit to get answers to all your questions on establishing, scaling, and operating Global Capability Centers in India, Central and Eastern Europe...

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Talent management is not as simple as it sounds. If attracting talent is half of the battle in today’s competitive market, the other half is keeping them...

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