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Talent Solutions


Regardless of their size, today’s organizations need to attract and retain top talent to stay ahead. With our comprehensive suite of talent acquisition and talent management solutions, we help you develop a winning recruiting strategy, create a compelling employer brand that reflects your unique company culture, and formulate the best-in-class rewards strategy to attract and retain the best talent.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Talent Intelligence

ANSR's Talent Intelligence solution helps you develop a hiring strategy that aligns with your business needs and employee value proposition. Our AI-powered platform, coupled with industry-leading software and tools, enables you to make smarter, data-backed hiring decisions throughout the talent acquisition process - from background verification to continuous candidate engagement, and more.

Talent Sourcing

Trust ANSR to streamline your talent acquisition process and deliver exceptional candidates who will drive your organization's success. Utilize 200+ channels, including our proprietary ATS product, talent marketplace Talent500, third-party job portals, social media interventions, and networking events. With our expertise and extensive reach, we connect you with top talent that aligns with your requirements.

AI-led Screening

No more time-consuming manual screening processes. Our AI-led screening solution, TalentInsights, revolutionizes the way you qualify candidates. We rely on advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze applicant profiles, skills, and experience, allowing you to efficiently shortlist the most suitable candidates. Save time and resources while also ensuring an unbiased screening process.

Talent Management

Align your performance management model with GCC operations. Our HRMS platform, coupled with our expertise in reward strategies and policies, enables you to develop a comprehensive talent management framework. From formulating rewards and recognition strategies to designing your employee value proposition, our consultants collaborate closely with your team to create a high-performance culture that attracts and retains the best talent.

Total Rewards

ANSR’s Total Rewards solution is designed to help organizations manage and implement a compelling and people-driven total rewards strategy for their GCCs to attract and retain top talent. With our expertly crafted compensation and benefits strategies, real-time analytics, and thought leadership approach, we ensure seamless alignment with your business objectives and industry best practices.

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