Talent as a Service: Proactive Sourcing Solutions by ANSR

Talent Sourcing

Stay ahead in talent acquisition with ANSR's proactive sourcing strategy. Access millions of qualified candidates effortlessly through our comprehensive talent-sourcing solutions. Our talent marketplace streamlines your talent acquisition process, reducing cost-per-hire and expanding your talent pool.

Tap into an Automated Talent Pipeline

Unlock a vast pool of passive talent with ANSR's automated sourcing platform. Integrate with 200+ job boards and talent sources. Syndicate jobs across various channels, including your website, LinkedIn, Naukri, and social media platforms with a single click. Leverage recruitment drives for effortless candidate outreach. And maximize reach with team member referrals and networking opportunities like industry forums, tech events, and more.

Strategic Recruitment Marketing

Maximize recruitment success with our strategic recruitment marketing and campaign management. Develop targeted campaigns to reach and engage top candidates. Create compelling brand messaging and job advertisements, optimize your online presence, and leverage various marketing channels to amplify your employer brand.

Streamlined Selection Process

Trust ASNR for a comprehensive talent acquisition approach. We employ resume pre-screening, global exposure checks, technical interviews, and culture-fit evaluations to help you streamline your talent selection process and make smart and data-led hiring decisions.

Candidate Analytics

Candidate Analytics is a powerful solution that allows you to gain insights into candidate behavior, market trends, and recruitment metrics. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to track candidate activity, view reports on new hires, evaluate performance benchmarks, and much more - all in one place.


Lightning-Fast Onboarding with EOR

Expansive Talent Pool

Millions of professionals across the globe, segregated on the basis of desired experience, education, skills, and location.

Robust Employer Brand

Streamline your efforts with targeted campaigns, compelling brand messaging, online optimization, and multi-channel marketing for a stronger employer brand.

Multi-step Candidate Screening

Comprehensive candidate selection through resume pre-screening, global exposure checks, technical interviews, and culture-fit evaluations.

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