Managed Teams

Managed Teams

An agile, efficient, and scalable approach to building global teams

Explore ANSR's Managed Teams, an innovative business engagement model designed to meet the rising demand for global talent and unlock attractive business opportunities. The Managed Teams model offers an enhanced version of the standard Employer of Record model, empowering you to effortlessly hire and manage your full-time distributed tech teams with zero overheads. Our suite of end-to-end products include sourcing, hiring and engaging the best talent; customized workspaces with integrated IT; providing compliance, governance and operational support.
We use our proven three-phased implementation approach to establish and support the GCC.

How it Works

What You Get With ANSR

Global Recruitment

With a laser focus on efficiency and effectiveness, our global recruitment process ensures you hire top talent that perfectly matches your business needs. Embrace a seamless hiring experience with our Managed Teams model, cutting down on time and cost.

Global Payroll & Compliance Management

Leave the complexities of payroll management, benefits administration, and compliance to us. Our team of experts ensures seamless HR, legal, and finance operations, freeing your teams to focus on strategic initiatives. Managed Teams model offers comprehensive solutions to efficiently and compliantly manage your employees, based locally or internationally, from a single, centralized platform.

Global Office Network

Access premium office spaces in convenient global locations, expertly designed to facilitate global team collaboration. With our office network, teams can thrive in an optimized work environment, promoting creativity, productivity, and innovation.

Global Talent Community

Our model goes beyond recruitment and payroll. Our Global Talent Community provides effortless relocation and acclimatization for your distributed teams. Leveraging established channel partners, events, and professional networks, we ensure a smooth transition for your workforce, ensuring they feel connected and motivated in their new roles.

Global Recruitment

Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Global Payroll & Compliance Management

HR, Finance & Legal Ops

Global Office Network

Real Estate & IT

Global Talent Community​

Your Employees

Why Managed Teams

ANSR's Managed Teams Model stands out as a game-changing approach to building world-class global teams.

By plugging into, and extending the reach of your recruitment, infrastructure, HR, legal, and finance teams, our unique model allows you to build remote teams with double the speed and efficiency.

Experience seamless collaboration, optimized remote team dynamics, and significant cost savings, as ANSR manages the complexities of talent acquisition, payroll administration, compliance, and global office setup.

With Managed Teams, you can focus on strategic growth initiatives while ANSR handles the operational intricacies, giving your organization a competitive edge in the global market.

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