Global Capability Center

Global Capability Centers

A flexible, no-capex, subscription based engagement model

Global Capability Centres (GCCs) are fully owned and integrated hubs typically established in talent-rich locations to build significant value and intellectual property (IP) using collaborative, distributed teams.

GCC’s are also referred to as Captives, Global In-House Centers  (GICs), Global Teams, Global Technology Centers.

ANSR’s flexible ‘pay-as-you-grow’ subscription offering empowers our customers to build, manage and scale global teams using the ‘GCC-as-a-service’ model. Our suite of end-to-end products include sourcing, hiring and engaging the best talent; customized workspaces with integrated IT; providing compliance, governance and operational support. We use our proven three-phased implementation approach to establish and support the GCC operations.


Collaborate with clients to gather comprehensive requirements through cross-functional design workshops, involving various teams such as HR, IT Infrastructure, and office facility design & planning, among others. Our expertise in GCC operations will extend to supporting your legal team in the process of legal entity creation.

Strategic Consulting

Provide expert recommendations for the establishment of the GCC model, ensuring the implementation of best practices and finalizing design recommendations.

GCC Operations Playbook

Develop the GCC Playbook, which will serve as a comprehensive guide outlining key decisions, a detailed action list, and a well-structured project plan.

Talent Intelligence

Conduct a thorough analysis of the existing talent landscape, including an assessment of global outsourcing partnerships. Develop a hiring strategy that aligns with your business needs and employee value proposition.

Legal Entity Setup

Establish the right legal entity and obtain regulatory approvals made easy with our expert guidance on GCC solutions.

Talent Acquisition

Attract the best talent through tailored HR policies and captivating employer branding collaterals. Hire 60% faster with Talent500, our proprietary talent acquisition platform.

Workspace Design and Setup

Optimize productivity and foster collaboration with our seamless GCC workspace setup, including site selection, lease negotiation, and space planning.

System Configuration for GCC Operations

Efficiently streamline your corporate functions with our support in system configuration for your Global Capability Center (GCC).

Talent Lifecycle Management

Our end-to-end Talent Lifecycle Management solutions are supported by AI-enabled tools and help streamline HR processes, enhance employee engagement, and drive efficiency throughout the employee journey. We take managing your GCC workforce, enabling you to optimize productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and foster a positive work environment. 

EVP and Employer Branding

Leverage our expertise in executing a compelling and authentic Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that resonates with potential candidates. Coupled with a strong employer branding strategy that showcases your company’s unique culture and offerings, increasing employee retention.

IT Onsite Support

Ensure the seamless and secure functioning of your business with our reliable network infrastructure services, including comprehensive network design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance, keeping your systems connected and protected.

Workspace Management

Leverage our comprehensive workspace management services, including facilities, maintenance, and vendor coordination, to ensure smooth day-to-day GCC operations of your office environment.

Finance, Tax & Regulatory

ANSR provides end-to-end services including financial accounting & reporting, FP&A, tax management & optimization and regulatory compliances.  Recognizing the dynamic nature of such functions, we proactively track and adopt market trends, best practices, changes in laws / regulations, accounting practices, and compliances. 

Integrated GCC Platform

We deliver our GCC as a service through an end-to-end integrated platform

ANSR Platform


Access to high quality talent pool with an enhanced employer branding and value proposition


Customized, branded, and fully-serviced workspaces with integrated IT infrastructure

Operations support services

Finance, HR, legal, regulatory, compliance, governance, market benchmarking, expansion support etc.

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