About Us

GIC (Global In-house Center or Captive Centers) have emerged as the offshore operating model of choice by companies in support of their capacity, capability, and innovation agenda.

Backed by Accel Partners, ANSR is a global leader for establishment and operation of GICs. Since our inception in 2004, we have successfully led the establishment of some of the best-managed GICs in India and have built a pioneering firm uniquely positioned in this business. We have been trusted partners to the world's leading businesses in their efforts to leverage global talent assets to build strategic capacity and advance their competitiveness. ANSR has helped its clients achieve immediate business impact through their GICs.

We work closely with our clients (often, as joint venture partners) to deliver sustainable success in every phase of establishing, operating and optimising a GIC. We carry the reputation of being passionate about influencing superior GIC outcomes for our clients. Our work has always exceeded expectations and is tailored to the unique client situations for accelerated and sustainable success of their GICs. By assembling an engagement team with the most appropriate experience and expertise, we have built a global company that has unfailingly delivered enduring outcomes.

When someone asks what we do at ANSR, we passionately talk about our impeccable credentials in establishing GICs for world's most iconic companies and having transformed them forever. As pioneers in our business, we have disrupted the offshore services industry and have helped our clients successfully benefit from exceptional economic and competitive value through their GICs.

As leaders in establishing and managing GICs, we are creating history through the success of our clients, our team, our values, our passion, and our unique 'skin in the game' operating model. No wonder, our GICs have outperformed the market in every facet from economic value to transformational impact and innovation.

Our GIC solutions embody current market trends and best practices across industries and help our clients successfully achieve their goals. Our services are founded on our ability to acquire a deep understanding of our client's business context to establish a GIC in a manner that will result in alignment and immediate delivery of value.


We have led the setup of some of the best-managed GICs in India and have built a pioneering firm uniquely positioned in the GIC business.

As a firm, we pair our deep expertise of local insourcing market knowledge with our client business objectives and help them with successful GIC implementations. Our team partners closely with client leaders to understand their unique situations and translate them into actionable insights for a robust GIC strategy.

We endeavor to build a partnership of trust with clients and most of our client relationships have a term of over 5 years. Since the inception of ANSR, we have successfully established 30 GICs. Our GICs have transitioned over 45,000 full-time positions, invested approx. 1.2 Billion in capital investments and leased 4 million sqft of office space.


A joint venture between Techstars /  ANSR, Techstars is a leading company for startup-driven innovation for some of the largest and most successful global enterprises. From designing and operating industry-leading corporate accelerators to innovation labs, Techstars is enabling clients to advance their innovation and transformation agenda by leveraging a unique business ecosystem of opportunities for startups and enterprises.