Answer Cast is a series of insightful conversations with top executives of global organizations who are shaping the new world with their passion for technology, innovation, customer experience, and much more. Each episode of Answer Cast explores an untrodden path and answers several unasked and unanswered questions for CXOs in realizing their business dreams through Global Capability Centers (GCC). Answer Cast is your one source destination for all things GCC.

AnswerCast #2: Triple Bottom Line – Adding Value to Business and Society

LinkedIn Cover Amit Kalra Podcast

Welcome to this new episode of ANSWERCAST where one can get all their answers. In this episode, Smitha Hemmigae, Head of Marketing, ANSR and Amit Kalra, Managing Director, Head Swiss Re Bangalore discuss about the triple bottom line and adding value to business and society. 

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AnswerCast #1: Anti Patterns that can Derail Digital Transformation

ANSR - Falabella

Join us for this engaging conversation between Ashish Grover, CIO at Falabella and Smitha Hemmigae, Head of Marketing at ANSR.

Technology and Digital go hand in hand and play a critical role in enabling a faster and a flexible environment. In our experience, technology does not get adequate attention on the executive agenda. At times, it is seen as a serious flaw given the importance of technology in driving successful digital transformations. Today, we will look at the Anti Patterns that can derail digital transformation. 

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