Built a robust employer brand? Now use its complete potential

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A decade ago, having a great work culture meant casual Fridays and play rooms. In 2023, as we work from our homes, cafes, offices, co-working spaces, such perks no longer constitute a comprehensive employee retention strategy, or play any meaningful role in the battle to attract top talent.

The way we work has undergone a 180 degree shift, which is why the way we attract, engage and retain talent must also evolve. 

Employer brand – the idea

What makes companies like Google, Apple and Salesforce one of the most desired employers globally? You guessed it – all three companies are known to have employee-first work cultures, with company policies and perks and benefits centered around employee growth and wellness.

An employer brand is a company’s reputation and image as an employer in the eyes of both current and potential employees. It includes multiple elements ranging from the organization’s culture, values, mission, and work environment, to opportunities for growth, compensation and benefits, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion efforts, and the overall experience it provides to its workforce. 

An effective employer brand has the power to attract, engage, and retain top talent by showcasing the company as an appealing and supportive place to work, aligning with the values and aspirations of its employees. More importantly, your employer brand has a direct impact on your bottom line – companies with great employer brands reduce their cost-per-hire by as much as 50%, and employee turnover by 28%. 

Built a solid employer brand? Now extract its complete potential. 

It takes years of constant effort to establish a strong employer brand; but once you’ve done that, it’s equally important to leverage it right. 

Here’s what we recommend ~ 

Social media for recruitment

With a user base of a whopping 900 million, LinkedIn is preferred by 93% professionals for exploring new job opportunities. Add the user base of instagram, facebook and X(formerly Twitter), the total number comes to 4.9 billion. Actively promoting your job openings on social media is a highly effective and cost-efficient solution to reaching the ideal talent. Even better, by enabling you to filter through and target viewers, it significantly increases the probability of your job posting reaching the right candidates. 

The role of social media isn’t just restricted to job postings. Companies like Nike, Google and Netflix do a fabulous job of creating a strong online presence by maintaining a consistent brand voice and image. Highlight your company culture by showcasing employee stories through photos, videos, blog posts and all types of content.

The power of a well-defined EVP

An EVP, or “Employee Value Proposition” represents the unique set of benefits and rewards that an employer offers to its employees in exchange for their skills, talents, and contributions. An EVP serves as a strategic tool that not only aids in attracting top talent but also aligns the expectations of candidates with the company’s goals and culture. It acts as a mutual agreement between the employee and the employer; when new hires find that the company delivers on the promises outlined in the EVP, it fosters a sense of trust and commitment. 

Ensure that your EVP is clearly highlighted on your company’s Careers page, and mentions all the essentials – from company mission and core values, to employee benefits and growth avenues. More importantly, ensure that it mentions the unique aspects that differentiate your company from its competitors – this could be your culture, your purpose, or even your story.  

In a world where the competition for skilled professionals is fierce, a strong EVP can be a defining factor that sets an organization apart and drives its success.

Employee referral programs

Did you know that employee referrals account for as much as 30-50% of all hires? Or that using employee referrals can reduce your cost-per-hire by as much as 1000$? 

When leveraged right, employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to use your employer brand, reducing both- time, as well as the cost-to-fill. As employee networks often extend beyond those actively looking for jobs, they enable you to tap into passive candidates who may not be visible through traditional recruitment channels. 

By virtue of being connected to employees who understand the culture and values, referred candidates often align well within the company, leading to reduced employee turnover. A successful referral framework also boosts morale and reinforces a sense of teamwork and collaboration within the current employees. 

To make the most of an employee referral program, it’s important to set clear guidelines, provide incentives, and ensure that the program is fair and inclusive. These incentives can come in various forms, such as cash bonuses, extra vacation days, or even tangible rewards like gift cards or gadgets. Additionally, regularly reviewing the program’s performance will help maximize its reach. Track metrics like the number of referrals, their conversion rates, and the quality of hires for valuable insights. 

Online Talent Communities

A talent community enables you to tap into a network of interested and qualified candidates, significantly reducing the recruitment time and costs associated with advertising, sourcing, and vetting candidates externally. This is especially useful for roles where hiring within a short time is critical.  

Creating an online talent community that effectively leverages your employer brand involves strategic planning and consistent engagement. Begin with establishing a dedicated online platform, such as a talent community website or a section on your company’s main website.  

Implement a user-friendly registration process and offer incentives such as exclusive content, early access to job postings, or invitations to virtual events. Invest into regular communication via email campaigns, newsletters and events to build relationships with potential candidates over time. Leverage your existing social media channels to grow your talent community by sharing engaging content that showcases your company culture, employee success stories, and upcoming opportunities. 

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