ANSR Case Studies: Empowering Global Teams with EOR Solutions

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Here’s how we empowered 5 companies across different industries to build high-performing global teams through our Employer of Record solutions.

At ANSR, we provide companies with an end-to-end global talent acquisition solution, ranging from the initial talent sourcing and screening, to management of payroll and workspace.

From retail and healthcare, to software consulting and ridesharing apps – read to find how ANSR’s EOR offering has helped our partners hire exceptional tech talent while simultaneously reducing the cost and time to hire.

Helping UAE’s most popular ride sharing app save over USD 200,000 in operational costs

Hiring for niche technical skills within tight timelines was already a challenge; in addition, the client insisted on only considering candidates who would be available within the Gulf Time Zone. Our team at ANSR leveraged a combination of automated multi-channel sourcing and powerful AI screening to enlarge the talent pool and prioritize candidates that would match the time-zone requirements. The result? Over 2500 applications in less than 45 days, and an overall saving of $200,000 in operational and setup cost.

From powering mobility in the UAE, to speeding up contracts throughout the world – scroll to discover our story of

Setting up a global capability center in 50% less cost for a global eSignature and contract automation product

Helping a USA based eSignature and contract automation giant set up their India based team, we custom-created a build-operate-transfer model. Talent, workspace, workforce management and administration – ANSR’s end-to-end recruitment solution helped the company save over 50% in the overall cost of set up.

Next up, read about our strategy in

Helping a global healthcare giant scale 2X in less than a year with single point recruitment automation

When an American healthcare giant wanted to set up its global center of excellence in Bengaluru, India, we knew we had to offer them a single point solution. Acting as the company’s employer of record, we undertook every aspect of building its global team – talent acquisition, payroll and benefit management, onboarding and even workspace setup and management.

While we’re talking of healthcare giants, here’s our story of

Hiring 400+ techies in less than a year for a Fortune500 healthcare company

Hiring 625 employees in 2 years was no joke. That’s why, in addition to our automated multi-channel sourcing, we also leveraged third-party talent vendors in Pune, running multiple extremely successful in-person hiring drives. The result? 100+ interviews in a single hiring drive, helping us achieve 66% of our goal in the first year itself.

By now, we’re pretty sure you’d agree that our numbers talk volumes. At the end of our conversation, here’s the story of us

Achieving 50% reduction in cost of talent acquisition for a Canada based software company

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Over the last 17 years, companies cutting across industries and markets, have relied on our expertise to build high performance, technology, business and innovation teams across the world. Our suite of end-to-end products include sourcing, hiring and engaging the best talent; customized, tech-enabled workspaces; providing compliance, governance and operational support; and building integrated platforms and enterprise capabilities in areas such as artificial intelligence, digital, cloud, and robotic process automation tools.

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