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Effortlessly hire global talent in 65+ countries

ANSR’s Employer of Record (EOR) is the ideal solution for businesses seeking global team setup without the overheads of legal entities or local expertise.

  • Payroll, benefits and infrastructure delivered seamlessly

  • We handle onboarding, contracts, benefits, work permits, compliance

  • You have flexibility to configure HR policies, benefits, and systems

  • One-stop platform: Talent, workspace, payroll solutions

Why is ANSR the right partner for you?

ANSR is a market leader in building and managing distributed teams, transforming your workforce, and onboarding global talent.

  • 17-years of experience helping 150+ companies onboard 120,000+ employees

  • Suite of AI-driven tools to accelerate global expansion saving 60% in costs

  • 1.5M+ proprietary talent pool and 100+ job-board integrations

  • 65+ countries and counting

  • Start with new hires in <10 days with a 4-week free trial

The world’s high-growth tech companies trust us

Fortune 500 companies and startups across the globe trust us to build and manage their global workforce. Here are just a few of our satisfied partners:

ANSR through our clients’ lens

ANSR’s suite of AI-based tools drives speed, efficiency and cost-savings to help businesses build their best teams.

The best businesses are scaling with global teams

  • Access top talent: Attract and hire leading professionals from talent-rich hubs

  • Optimize speed and cost: Start with zero risk, upfront overheads or local know-how

  • Scale at will: Start a team with minimal commitment and easily scale up or down based on your needs.

  • Expand globally: Use the EOR solution as a cost-effective and low-risk approach to establish a presence in new markets.

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