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From an Investment Company to a Tech Company to a Consumer Company

  • This company established a multi-functional GCC for operations in technology, corporate functions (such as finance, HR, procurement etc.) and core business functions to drive productivity and operating efficiencies.
  • One of the key objectives was to build a world-class advanced analytics capability to transform the company into a data-driven decision-making firm.
  • The GCC builds advanced analytics solutions at scale and drives profitability across the global organization
  • The business domains supported by the analytics capability include pricing, demand management, marketing spend effectiveness and customer support.
  • The advanced analytics capability was established leveraging top-talent to fit their unique culture.
  • Building credibility through consistent value delivery, they have successfully achieved their financial goals ahead of time.
markets serviced across multiple time zones, in different domains
data scientists have been recruited over the last 2 years in the analytics CoE
business impact created by the analytics team in the first 6 months

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