ANSR Insights: GCC Trends & Prospects for 2024

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For Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India and across the world, 2024 will be a year of infinite opportunity, where the distance between the GCC and the headquarters will continue to diminish considerably.

The focus will remain on nurturing talent and technology, along with advancing capabilities in fields like Generative AI, Cybersecurity, AI/ML, and Cloud Computing. Regardless of their size or industry, companies will persist in establishing GCCs, resulting in the rapid standardization of setup and op- erational practices.

Leading enterprises across every industry will strategically harness their GCCs to conceptualize and materialize innovative products and services, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, superior quality standards, unparalleled customer experiences, and a 360 degree diversification of the spectrum of their offerings.

At ANSR, as we work towards setting up 25 new GCCs for some of the biggest and oldest global companies across home improvement, aviation, retail, and fintech, here are our insights on upcoming trends and prospects for 2024.

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