Reshaping Retail: How GCCs Can Ignite GenAI-Driven Innovation

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As retail undergoes a significant transformation in response to the evolving consumer preferences, GenAI and Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are forging a powerful alliance. In the retail sector, the value of GenAI has already begun to show. Companies are leveraging GenAI to enable and enhance use cases in relevant domains. From personalized customer experiences and demand forecasting to supply chain optimization and trend prediction, the potential is immense.

GCCs, having evolved into innovation hubs, are strategically leveraging GenAI to revolutionize traditional paradigms and propel the retail sector towards new frontiers. The integration of GenAI’s cognitive capabilities with GCCs’ strategic prowess creates a symbiotic relationship that propels retail entities towards new frontiers. In this whitepaper, we explore the journey of how GCCs are rapidly becoming GenAI-powered powerhouses, charting a roadmap that redefines retail innovation while simultaneously shaping the future of GCCs themselves. 

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