ANSR GCC Growth Kit: Scale Global Capability Centers

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The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable. Technology now underpins every facet of a business: products, services, business processes, and how customers and businesses interact. As organizations are investing and progressing on their digital journey, they are increasingly relying on talent and teams across the globe to help them navigate the changes and build strategic capacity through Global Capability Centres (GCCs).

GCCs have matured from being cost arbitrage centers to becoming integrated locations for leveraging the best global talent in support of business, technology, and workforce transformation. In the post-COVID era, GCCs are poised to grow and mature even more rapidly and emerge as strategic capabilities in support of enterprise growth and relevance agendas.

As a pioneer and market leader, ANSR enables global enterprises to design, build, and operate integrated and impactful GCCs. ANSR’s unique and differentiated ‘GCC-As-A-Service’ is delivered in a no-Capex and pay-as-you-grow manner that significantly enhances ‘time to value’ and neutralizes the known risks associated with setting up globally distributed teams. Download the ANSR GCC Growth Kit to get answers to all your questions on establishing, scaling, and operating Global Capability Centers in India, Central and Eastern Europe, and Poland. 

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