Women in Tech Report 2024: DEI Insights & Challenges

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While India Inc. is making strides towards embracing diversity, it still has a long way to go before achieving true inclusivity. In this context, we conducted a survey involving more than  3000 women in tech to gain insights into their experiences and  viewpoints. While their responses indicate progress in India’s tech industry  concerning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), they also shed light on  several areas requiring immediate attention. Download the survey findings for interesting insights.

Key Findings:

  • Work-Life Balance: 90% seek access to mental health resources, while 80% value flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies.
  • Mentorship and Upskilling: 81% demand career guidance, and 80% express interest in upskilling, emphasizing the need for targeted training programs.
  • Leadership Aspirations: 75% express aspirations for leadership roles, highlighting the desire for greater inclusivity.
  • Diversity Narratives: 72% stress the importance of breaking down leadership stereotypes for a more inclusive future.
  • Limited Voice at the Table: 65% express that they do not have a voice at the decision-making table.
  • Professional Training Gap: A significant 57% state a lack of access to professional training opportunities.
  • Extra Effort to Prove Themselves: Another 42% feel the need to work harder to prove themselves in the workplace.

Download the full report for more insights 

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