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GenAI: Pioneering New Horizons for GCCs

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a prominent force for several years, but the public release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022 was a game-changing moment. Its remarkable capabilities and vast potential left the world both impressed and apprehensive. Experts believe that GenAI would have a profound impact on over 300 million jobs globally. Around two-thirds of jobs would witness some level of automation, with one-fourth facing complete automation.

Viewing this through the lens of Global Capability Centers (GCC), the emergence of Artificial Intelligence presents an expansive realm of transformative opportunities. It enables GCCs to elevate their role, particularly in engaging with complex tasks and value-added activities, rather than being solely at risk of significant workforce reductions. The question remains: are GCCs prepared to harness the full potential of GenAI capabilities? Let’s find answers!

Join the tenth edition of ANSR Leadership Forum (ALF) to:

  1. Understand GenAI, how companies are using it and current state of the art
  2. See demos of popular applications of GenAI – eg. using images to generate description, natural language search of product catalog, creative content generation, Call Analytics, Developer productivity improving, etc., and
  3. Participate in open discussion/QnA to discuss common use-cases and approaches to achieve the outcomes

Event Recap


Anupam Mishra

Director of Technology, AWS India & South Asia
vikram ahuja

Vikram Ahuja

Co-Founder ANSR /
CEO Talent500
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Anupam Mishra

Director of Technology, AWS India & South Asia

Anupam is the Director of Technology for AWS India and South Asia. He currently leads AWS India’s technology team and is passionate about helping builders and businesses build a better India by using the power of technology. He has been working with Amazon for more than 15 years and have been helping businesses across North America, Europe and Asia.

Prior to AWS, Anupam has worked with start-ups and enterprises to help them build and operate web-scale applications and services. Anupam has built large scale distributed software systems for different Amazon teams like Kindle, Amazon Prime, Retail, Competitive Strategy and Vine. He loves learning and building new ways to use technology.

Anupam holds a degree in technology entrepreneurship from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in computer science from Vellore Institute of Technology.

She has been a key member of the ANSR founding team since its inception in 2004. In her current role, Sharona organizes and prioritizes critical organizational issues and required information for the company to facilitate efficient decision making.

Prior to ANSR, Sharona worked at Target and Suntech Data Systems in similar roles.

Vikram Ahuja

Managing Director, ANSR and Co-founder & CEO, Talent500

Vikram is the co-founder of ANSR and CEO of Talent500, which helps fast-growth businesses build and manage global teams via an AI-enabled platform.

A serial entrepreneur with over 18 years’ experience, Vikram has experience in building and scaling technology ventures across travel and e-commerce. He also co-founded one of India’s earliest startup accelerators, Kyron (acquired by Techstars).

Vikram has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from RVCE Bangalore and an MBA from IESE Business School.