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Report: Corporate Innovation in Global Capability Centers (GCCs)

Innovation is no more a buzzword. Amplified by digital disruption it has become a necessity for enterprises. Enterprises have been looking at their Global Capability Centers (GCCs) to evolve from cost enablers to strategic partners and provide competitive advantage. In the last 3-5 years, innovation at GCCs has become mainstream that are deploying a wide array of capabilities to propel innovation. This report identified and reveals what Committed Innovators (GCCs with a structured innovation program with dedicated resources & investment) are doing differently, including practices adopted to enable this transformation and overcome operational challenges.

The report provides insights into:

  • Best Practices: A Guide to Build an Art-of-the-Possible Corporate Innovation Program
  • Successful Approach to Build a Corporate Innovation Program
  • What Committed Innovators Are Doing Differently?
  • Case Studies
Scope and Content of the Report

Scope and Content of the Report

In the report, we have analyzed the innovation journey of 25 GBS organizations in India through a mix of survey- and interview-based approach.

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