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The War for Talent in 2022: Unprecedented Shifts in Job-seeker Behaviour

The war for talent has never been hotter. Time-to-hire in India’s fast-growth technology sector has gone up 45% in the last year with never-seen-before competition for top professionals. In this highly uncertain environment(1 in 2 candidates unlikely to honor an accepted offer), employers need to be aware of how to attract and retain top talent.

With this in mind, in January 2022, we surveyed active tech professionals to gain insights into how they were thinking about the job market in a post-pandemic world. We surveyed 5000 professionals and found that the pandemic has created an irreversible shift in how professionals think about their careers, lives, and their future. There is a new set of considerations now while choosing their next job. Download the report for more insights.

Unprecedented shifts in job-seeker behaviour

Unprecedented shifts in job-seeker behaviour

As more people get into the job market, their considerations for choosing a top employer also changed.