How We Helped Mineraltree Build a Top-Notch Product Team

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The Challenge

MineralTree, a leading player in financial services and automated payments, wanted to expand its Bengaluru-based technical excellence center into a robust engineering hub focused on product development. It aimed to acquire the top professionals in microservices, cloud-native development, Kubernetes, and autoscaling, but struggled with:

  • Hiring niche talent in an extremely competitive market

  • Lack of employer brand awareness in the local Indian market

  • Lack of on-ground infrastructure to set up a team at scale

Our Solution

AI-powered automated sourcing & Global Talent Network

  • 1M+ professionals across 200+ job boards – access to our Global Talent Network helped us find a large number of profiles, even within an extremely niche skill set.

  • Talent500’s proprietary AI fitment engine analyzed the selected candidates across 100s of parameters, using in-depth assessments to measure tech expertise, communication and collaboration skills, delivering an accuracy of 70%.

Creating employer brand awareness

  • Worked with the client’s internal marketing team to create multiple assets (microsite, information brochure, email campaigns) targeting tech professionals within Bengaluru.

  • Leveraged social media to establish the client’s position as a global leader in the automated payments and Fintech industry.

End to end recruitment with our managed teams model

  • ANSR and Talent500 worked in tandem to deliver a seamless, single-point solution via our managed teams model for all infrastructure and real estate requirements within Bengaluru (lease & workstation, IT support and vendor management).

We ensured 100% compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, including management of contracts, disbursement of salaries and employer benefits.

70% accuracy

In the first round of profile screening powered by our AI fitment engine.

Access to niche skills

Microservices, Cloud native development, Kubernetes, Autoscaling

Cross functional product team

The Bengaluru based product delivery team plays a key role in MineralTree’s product vision and strategy.

Case Studies

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