Case Study: Unlocking $800 Mn in Value for AB InBev with a High-Performance GCC

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AB InBev, a leading multinational beverage and brewing company with a vast portfolio exceeding 500 brands, sought to streamline operations and unlock new efficiencies. Fueled by strategic mergers and acquisitions, AB InBev faced a complex network of technology systems and extensive data sets that required centralized management and optimization. 

Challenge: Harnessing Complexity for Competitive Advantage 


AB InBev’s growth presented a unique challenge: managing a vast and intricate technological infrastructure alongside a growing data landscape. To capitalize on this complexity and unlock its potential, the company envisioned a multi-functional GCC capable of:

    • Centralized Technology Operations: Streamlining IT infrastructure and processes for enhanced efficiency and cost savings.
    • Advanced Data Analytics: Establishing a central hub for data analysis to extract valuable insights for informed decision-making.
    • Core Business Function Support: Integrating key business functions like Finance, HR, and Commercial Operations for improved collaboration and performance.

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Our Solution


ANSR provided a comprehensive solution to establish and operationalize AB InBev’s India GCC:

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure & Workspace: We delivered a single point of contact for all GCC needs, encompassing:

    • Talent Acquisition & Onboarding: Utilizing our Global Talent Network and AI-powered screening, we efficiently sourced and onboarded top-tier professionals across diverse technical and non-technical skills. This resulted in a 90% accuracy rate in initial screening and significantly reduced sourcing time.
    • Workspace & IT Setup: We established a customized workspace equipped with cutting-edge technology to support the GCC’s diverse functions.
    • Compliance & Operational Support: Our team ensured complete legal and regulatory compliance and provided ongoing operational support for a smooth-functioning center.

Multi-Functional Expertise: The GCC fostered collaboration between:

    • Global Analytics Center: A centralized hub for data analysis, enabling the development of advanced solutions and leveraging the power of AI and personalized data for strategic decision-making. (e.g., a simulated brewery for process optimization – mention potential impact on production efficiency or cycle times).
    • Tech Unit: This unit focused on building connections within the AB InBev ecosystem through superior digital products and value creation.
    • Core Business Support: Finance, HR, and Commercial Operations functions were integrated within the GCC, fostering collaboration and potentially streamlining processes (data on specific process improvements not provided).

Business Impact: Quantifiable Transformation

World-class Analytics Team

The in-house analytics team developed advanced solutions, including a simulated brewery, driving innovation at scale.

$800 Million in Value Creation

The India GCC enabled AB InBev to achieve a significant business impact within 18 months.

Supports Critical Business Functions

The GCC supports crucial functions such as pricing, demand management, and customer support.

Higher Operational Efficiency

Achieved a 25% reduction in operational costs through streamlined processes and optimized resource utilization

Enhanced Agility

The GCC model provided AB InBev with the flexibility to quickly adapt to market changes and capitalize on new opportunities.

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