Transforming Luxury Experiences: A Success Story

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About the Company

As one of the largest multi-brand luxury retailers in the U.S., with the world’s most desirable brand partners, the company is delivering exceptional products and intelligent services, enabled by investments in data and technology.

The Challenge

Before the company developed a proprietary app tool, associates were using an assortment of technologies to provide customer service. Each solution provided a different piece of information an associate needed to generate a sale. Some of these solutions were outdated, and all of them were creating friction. As a result, they were increasing sell times and decreasing associate productivity.

In the wake of the pandemic, the company was forced to temporarily close its stores and move exclusively online. However, the company took it as an opportunity to strengthen the foundation of the business. To continue providing the hallmark experience that had always attracted customers, they needed to accelerate their digital journey and launch a digital app quickly to enable associates to perform digital selling.

Our Solution

To capitalize on rebounding luxury sales, the company decided to invest more than $500 million in refreshing the stores and reimagining its technological approach from the bottom-up. They recognized the need to build a global workforce that can support its mission to revolutionise luxury experiences through digital innovation.

The company joined hands with ANSR in 2022 to set up the GCC in Bangalore. ANSR’s unique GCC-as-a-Service model provided workspace, talent, business shared services and strategic consulting to successfully stand up the GCC.

ANSR built a strong employer brand for the GCC, with crisp, tailored messaging about their tech & innovation goals. Tapping into Talent500’s global talent network of 1M+ professionals and 200+ job boards, the GCC quickly scaled to a team of 70 associates in just over six months.

The partnership enabled the GCC to attract the best talent and build advanced capabilities in emerging technologies such as Web3, Blockchain, AR/VR, AI and ML.

The GCC is scaling rapidly to over 500 associates in the next 8 to 10 months. Apart from technology, the Bangalore GCC provides capabilities in advanced data analytics and diverse business functions—including Finance, Legal, HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, Merchandising and Pricing. 

Results and Impact

The technology team in Bangalore not only played a significant role in developing their digital app, but is also exploring new capabilities such as solutions that will enable associates and supervisors to track targets. With access to information based on data and intelligence, store associates can manage their client relationships more effectively using the app. 

In recognition of the contributions the Bangalore team has made to the app, the company has moved some of the key developers of the app from US to the India GCC.

The app is currently being used by 5,000 associates, and has resulted in $60 million in incremental sales. Since the launch of the app, the company says associates have completed more than 5 Million engagement sessions with customers. They are also sending 1.5 million personalized communications to customers every month.

Apart from the development and QA teams, the GCC also houses a Cybersecurity team that provides 24/7 coverage, especially during peak seasons.

The GCC in Bangalore truly serves as the international hub to execute the delivery of key technology initiatives and the growth strategy of the company.


hired in just over six months

5 million +

engagement sessions on the app developed by the GCC


provided by the Cybersecurity team at the GCC

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