Building a High-Caliber InfoSec & Data Security Team in Two Weeks

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The international company, one of the largest middle-eastern rideshare apps, wanted to build an in-house data security and infosec team to protect its user data. They sought experienced and skilled talent for employment in Dubai (HQ) or other tech hubs like Pakistan, Lebanon, or Egypt.

With access to Talent500’s proprietary AI-powered fitment engine and end-to-end hiring solution, they were able to hire AI, ML, security, and DevOps professionals from top product companies, resulting in annual savings of $200,000.

Building an expert team by leveraging Employer of Record services, AI-based screening and multi-channel automated sourcing solutions

  • We cross-referenced the company’s requirements with the 100s of parameters on our AI-powered fitment engine. Delivering 90% accuracy, we could find global candidates that checked all boxes – skills, location, and experience. We zeroed in on candidates from India thanks to their expertise with product companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and IBM, and compatibility with Dubai’s time zone
  • Our Global Talent Network of 750,0000+ professionals coupled with sourcing from over 200 job boards enabled us to find the best candidates in less than half the time. We received over 2500 applications in less than 45 days, increasing the total offer ratio by as much as 4 times

Seamless international recruitment and onboarding with Talent500’s end-to-end recruitment lifecycle management tool

The company was able to attract top, pedigreed talent in India without the overheads of legal entities, local know-how, or any upfront investment. As their Employer of Record (EOR) partner, we undertook each aspect of hiring, including:

  • Talent sourcing to target both active and passive talent – access to a curated talent pool of ~1 million professionals from the global talent community
  • AI-powered screening to check candidate suitability across 100s of parameters and delivering 90% accuracy, thereby reducing both cost and time to hire
  • Data-backed insights on employer branding to represent the brand’s leadership position in the market to ensure maximum candidate engagement. We received over 2500 applications in less than 45 days
  • Customised talent onboarding solutions with best-in-class local benefits and policies, tailored to the requirements of Indian candidates

Set up in 2022, the India tech team is steadily shaping up to form an essential center focusing on two core business functions – InfoSec & Finance.

90% accuracy

in the initial screening from our AI-screening pipeline

4X offer ratio

a total of 28% candidates were interviewed as compared to the industry average of 8%

$200,000 in annual savings

enabled by the India-based data security and infosec team

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