Case Study: Helping a Manufacturing Giant Set Up its Tech Hub in the Heart of Bengaluru

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A Fortune 500 manufacturing company delivering world-class technical solutions in manufacturing, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods, the client ​employs 93000 people across 87 countries and manufactures over 60,000 products.​

To drive digital transformation and introduce new products, craft innovative solutions, and nurture groundbreaking ideas, the company partnered with ANSR to set up its global capability center in Bengaluru, India.

The Challenge


When setting up the Bengaluru-based tech hub, the company encountered fierce competition in recruiting top-tier technical talent in a highly competitive talent market. This was compounded by the behemoth task of establishing and operating a fully functioning technical center without access to any on-ground infrastructure.

Our Solution


Deploying a single point, end-to-end GCC setup solution, the ANSR team provided multiple services ~ 

  • GCC Setup with Playbook: We streamlined the setup and management of the GCC by providing a structured playbook that outlines best practices, regulatory requirements, and operational guidelines specific to Bengaluru.
  • Acquiring Top Tech Talent: Utilizing our Global Talent Network of 1.5 million tech professionals, our talent acquisition team efficiently sourced, screened and onboarded a large volume of highly skilled professionals in data engineering, data analysis, front-end engineering, full-stack development, and IT infrastructure.
  • Developing Real Estate and IT Infrastructure: From the initial location strategy to finding and leasing the ideal workspace and enabling every inch with high-tech IT infrastructure, our team helped establish the company’s robust tech center. 
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Our team of experts assisted in entity structuring, registration, licensing and documentation, offering end-to-end compliance and regulatory support.
  • Business Support Services: We also offered a wide range of support services such as administrative assistance, financial management, HR support, and legal advisory, enabling businesses to focus on core activities while efficiently managing day-to-day operations.

​Establishing its GCC in 2021, the company hired its first 100 full-time employees within the first 6 months of operations in the peak pandemic. As of today, the GCC is not just powering technical capabilities (data analysis, infrastructure and network support, App development and maintenance), but also supporting critical business functions like finance and marketing, manufacturing and supply chain.

Results & Impact

5X Growth

The GCC’s workforce has grown from 100 in 2021 to 500 in 2023

250+ Roles

Successfully transitioned to in-house from third-party service partners

Diverse Capabilities

Apart from tech, the GCC is also powering advanced finance, marketing and manufacturing functionalities

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