Case Study: How Lowe’s Built a GCC That Powers 2000+ Stores Globally

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Lowe’s, a leading American retailer in the home improvement sector,  experienced a surge in online sales during the pandemic-driven home renovation boom. To capitalize on this digital shift and expand its technical and non-technical talent pool, they partnered with ANSR to establish a Global Capability Center (GCC) in India. This case study explores how Lowe’s leveraged the GCC model to achieve significant business transformation.

The Challenge

Lowe’s faced two critical challenges in scaling talent acquisition amidst rapid growth:

    • Recruiting highly skilled technical and non-technical talent within tight timeframes to support their growing online presence.
    • The need to build a robust GCC from the ground up, with no existing recruitment infrastructure in place, further compounded the complexity.

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The Solution

Real-time Talent Intelligence and AI-powered Profile Screening

    • Optimized Sourcing: Leveraged real-time market intelligence to target ideal candidate profiles for both tech and non-tech roles, reducing sourcing time by over 50%.
    • Global Talent Network: Tapped into our Global Talent Network of over 1.5 million tech professionals to create a curated talent pool tailored to Lowe’s specific requirements.
    • AI Fitment Engine: Employed TalentInsights, our AI fitment engine, achieving 80% accuracy by evaluating hundreds of parameters such as skill set, relevant experience, and cultural fit.
    • Diverse Expertise: Established Lowe’s India as a hub for experts in Enterprise Architecture, Data Science & Analytics, Omnichannel Platforms, Financial Planning & Analytics, Supply Chain, Merchandising, Marketing, and beyond.

End-to-End GCC Setup with Managed Teams Model

    • Integrated Solutions: Provided a comprehensive, integrated solution covering all infrastructure and talent acquisition needs for the India GCC. This included sourcing and hiring top talent, leasing and setting up the workspace, and managing IT infrastructure.
    • Compliance Assurance: Ensured 100% compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, including contract management, salary disbursement, and employee benefits.

Lowe’s partnership with ANSR to build a GCC in India has been transformative, driving significant business growth and innovation. By leveraging highly skilled talent, optimizing costs, and expanding capabilities, the India GCC has positioned Lowe’s to adapt swiftly to market opportunities and deliver exceptional value to its customers.

Business Impact: A Catalyst for Business Growth

$47 Billion in Sales (2023)

A testament to the enhanced operational capabilities and efficiency driven by the India GCC.

17 Million Customers Served Weekly

Enabled by the support of Lowe’s India GCC, ensuring seamless service and satisfaction.

Technology Investment

A technology-first approach with an annual enterprise spend of $1 billion on tech.

Global Workforce Expansion

From 50 professionals in 2014, Lowe’s India team grew to 3,100 in 2022 and 4,300 in 2023.

20% Lower Operational Costs

through process optimization and resource efficiency.

Innovative Milestones

Facilitated the construction of a 3D printer for the International Space Station, showcasing the GCC’s contribution to innovation.

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