Falabella’s Digital Transformation with ANSR

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Falabella is a leading physical and digital retail company in the Latin American region, with a presence in 7 countries, across 2 continents. Falabella has a strong network of 500+ stores, multiple brands, and marketplaces across various channels including online, in-store, and multi-brand retail, with more than 30 million clients in the region.

The Challenge

  • Upgrading and redesigning 25 different websites including Sodimac and Mallplaza
  • Transitioning to AWS/Google Cloud Platform after using Oracle ATG for 12+ years
  • Building a custom-made solution using open source and a homegrown microservices architecture

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The Solution

  • End-to-end GCC setup

    Falabella partnered with ANSR to establish a GCC in Bangalore in 2018, becoming the first retailer from Latin America to launch technology operations in India. The ANSR team undertook
    end-to-end entity setup (workspace, IT, talent & compliance), delivering a workspace that reflects Falabella’s global mandates and enables seamless collaboration with the Chile team.

    Today, Falabella’s India Center is a unique innovation hub, home to 400+ developers focusing on niche technology and transformational efforts.
  • 360-degree digitization

    The master plan for the modernization, Project Catalyst, was a two-year project that transformed the company’s largest website, Falabella.com. The idea was not to just shift from ATG to the cloud or bring in the best-class technology, but to build a custom-made solution using open source and a homegrown microservices architecture. The team devised a two-layer solution—a unique proposition of a centralized technology platform and a flexible business layer to cater to the various businesses of Falabella Group. 

    With the shift, the entire Falabella ecosystem is now hosted on Google Cloud.

    Catalyst not only emerged as a powerful, scalable, cloud-native, multi-tenant digital commerce platform that serves as a strategic asset connecting the entire Falabella ecosystem but also serves as a backbone for Point-of-Sale systems.

The GCC is currently building a digital ecosystem that leverages data, technology, and talent to create ‘Supermarket’ stores, eCommerce, marketplace, logistic services, payments, and financial services.

Results and Impact

Exponential Growth

  • 60% improvement in load time
  • 30% reduction in search errors
  • 300% increase in search speed.

Direct contribution to growth and critical functions

Falabella.com’s overhaul has resulted in 114% YoY growth and 20% increase in product recommendation revenue.

Added functionalities and verticals

Between 2018-2023, Falabella has added new logistics and financial services teams within the India GCC, commanding a massive area of 50,000 sq. ft.

“In 2018 we started with a handful of passionate people and now we are a team of 500+ innovators. Falabella India today is a sandbox for creative problem-solving in emerging technologies. ANSR has played a key role in shaping Falabella’s success in India by being a strong support system and a reliable partner.”

Ariel Marquez

Managing Director & CFO

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