Case Study: Target Leverages Talent & Innovation for E-commerce Domination

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Target Corporation, a leading US retailer renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability, sought to establish a robust e-commerce platform to complement its extensive brick-and-mortar network.  This case study explores how Target, partnering with ANSR, leveraged a Global Capability Center (GCC) in Bengaluru, India, to achieve significant growth in its digital capabilities and drive successful omnichannel retail experiences.

Challenge: Building a Digital Powerhouse

Target faced a key challenge: to bridge the gap between its physical presence in the US and its aspirations for a thriving online marketplace. Specifically, they needed to:

  • Develop Robust E-commerce Capabilities: Establish a strong technological foundation to support a seamless online shopping experience.
  • Access Top Technical Talent: Leverage India’s renowned talent pool without an existing recruitment infrastructure in place.

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The Solution

Target in India

In 2005, Target partnered with ANSR to establish their Global Capability Center (GCC) in India. The goal was to build strategic capacity to drive digital transformation and support Target’s omnichannel initiatives. Initially, the GCC started with a small team focused on building IT capabilities to support the US headquarters. Today, nearly every aspect of Target’s core business is represented by the GCC, which has effectively become a second headquarters with a strong connection to the enterprise.

Key Initiatives and Technologies

  • Diverse Functional Areas: The GCC supports various functions including Marketing, Supply Chain, Product Development, Technology, Stores, Internal/External Branding, Data Science, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Agile Methodologies and Open Source: The team leverages agile methodologies and open source software, maintaining over 124 repositories on GitHub.
  • Advanced Technologies: The India team is integral to implementing AI, machine learning, in-house engineering, data science strategies, and computer-generated imagery.
  • Innovative Shopping Solutions: Developed technology infrastructure enabling new shopping methods like 3D Shoppable Rooms, Order Pickup, Drive Up, 2-day shipping, and Shipt™ deliveries.
  • Operational Excellence: Functions such as Guest Order Management and Enterprise Checkout Systems enhance the seamless in-store and online experience.

Unified Culture
Target in India embodies the Culture of Learning and One Team Pride, mirroring the high-performance ecosystem of its U.S. headquarters. This alignment ensures seamless idea and result sharing globally, allowing the Bengaluru GCC to address critical business challenges and contribute significantly to the retail industry.

Business Impact: A Model for Retail Success


Global Workforce Representation at The Bengaluru GCC


In-House Enterprise Solutions

8 TB

Data Processed Daily, supporting complex decision-making and operations

400+ Store Remodels

completed in collaboration with partners in Minneapolis

6 Patent Contributions

in 2020, with key input from India team members.


improvement in search relevancy for guests on Target.com.

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