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AnswerCast #13: Future-proofing workforce strategy: Build skills and fill gaps


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New Project 4
The Rise of Global Leadership Roles in GCCs
In this episode, Smitha Hemmigae, Head of Marketing, ANSR, and Anand Venkateswaran, Vice President, Finance, Target, India talk about the rise of global leadership roles in GCCs.


New Project 6
Growth of Global Capability Centers
In this episode, Smitha Hemmigae and KS Viswanathan talk about why GCCs continue to grow at a robust rate, with many multinational companies planning to set up GCCs in India in 2022.


Podcast Archive
AnswerCast #12: Innovation in a Disrupted World
Unleashing the Power of Ecosystems to Sustain Competitiveness
Imbibing an Innovation DNA for Digital Transformation
Why Corporate Innovation Is Essential Today
Adopt Hybrid – Building Capabilities Beyond GCCs
The Role of People-First Leadership in Steering Exponential Organizations

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Northern Tool + Equipment's Hyderabad Office Emerges as a Second Headquarters

In his conversation with our CEO Lalit Ahuja, NTE's President and CEO, Suresh Krishna, discusses how GCCs have now transformed to being the ‘second headquarters’.

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ANSR Brand Story
As the new chapter of ANSR evolves, our new brand identity is something the employees and stakeholders can be proud of for the long term.

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What Makes India’s GCC Model Attractive for Global Markets
India is home to more than 50% of worldwide GCCs. That’s a whopping 1700 plus centers employing over 1.2 million people. What's driving this growth?

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