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Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022

Resilience stories of 2021 and strategies for a winning 2022

2020 was the year of the great digital acceleration. The entire GCC industry found itself forced to react, and quickly, to challenges that were suddenly pushed to the forefront. However, as McKinsey famously declared, most GCCs were able to adapt and achieve pre-pandemic levels of productivity within days.

As organizations crammed a decade’s worth of tech adoption and digital transformation into a whirlwind 2020, 2021 presented unprecedented challenges – talent being the most critical of all. The sudden digital acceleration led to a war for digital talent, which in turn led to high attrition rates and increased wages. Leaders realized fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation is key to attracting and retaining top talent. Upskilling and reskilling became the new norm.

As more and more vaccinations are administered and the pandemic showing signs of easing, organizations are contemplating if, when, and how they can safely facilitate the return of their employees to the workplace. As we gear up for the ‘great hybrid experiment’ with empathy, flexibility, and proximity top of mind, 2022 will reveal a new set of challenges as well as opportunities to reinvent ourselves.

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