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The New Age Workforce: Building and Leading Distributed Tech Teams

Build and lead your distributed tech teams


As we navigate this new world of work where teams are often functioning in silos, and amidst the great reshuffle and the mental health epidemic, how do leaders build and engage their globally distributed tech teams?

In this session, we discussed

  • Trends: What tech leaders who deliver high performing teams are doing differently with their employees
  • Insights: Traits and behaviors leaders need to instil in their distributed teams to enable higher performance
  • Strategy: Changes in framework of tech businesses over the last few years with a key focus on what leaders should look forward to

To succeed in a borderless market, it’s imperative to leverage the nuances and advantages of a globally distributed team.

In an exclusive Talent Insider session, Arunkumar NT shared his learnings from building high-performance distributed teams for Telstra (Australia’s leading Telco) and UBS (the world’s largest private bank), resulting in tremendous innovation and multi-million dollar savings.


Vikram ahuja

Vikram Ahuja

Co-Founder ANSR /
CEO Talent500

Arunkumar NT

Ex-MD & Head of Innovation, Telstra and Ex-MD, UBS

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