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One Company, One Culture - Aligning Global Centers with the Enterprise

ANSR Leadership Forum (ALF)

Organizational alignment is a key driver of success in the digital era. It is the glue that bonds teams together, fostering a collaborative culture that helps business thrive in the modern age.

As the lines are rapidly blurring between the GCC and the headquarters, there’s an urgent need for leaders to remove vertical and horizontal barriers to enable the entire organization to work together, share ideas, and facilitate creativity and innovation. It empowers teams to become more autonomous, make important decisions, and work in a more cohesive manner rather than in a fragmented, ad hoc way.

GCCs that are seamlessly aligned with the headquarters are better positioned to:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Improve employee engagement and motivation
  • Make faster, more informed decision-making
  • Enable enhanced productivity and streamlined use of resources
  • Foster a dynamic culture that is innovative and adaptable to change

It’s clear that the GCC’s alignment with the HQ offers a wealth of business-boosting benefits, but what are the challenges?

The 8th edition of ANSR Leadership Forum (ALF) will bring together GCC leaders from various industries to discuss the challenges and best practices in creating a boundaryless organization.

Event Recap

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In case you missed the event, we’ve put together a document that serves as a summary of the discussion.


Vikram ahuja

Vikram Ahuja

Co-Founder ANSR /
CEO Talent500

Lori Riley

SVP People, Communication & Legal, Northern Tool + Equipment

Mohith Mohan

Vice President - Head of HR & Corporate Operations, Lowe's India

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Vikram Ahuja

Managing Director, ANSR and Co-founder & CEO, Talent500

Vikram is the co-founder of ANSR and CEO of Talent500, which helps fast-growth businesses build and manage global teams via an AI-enabled platform.

A serial entrepreneur with over 18 years’ experience, Vikram has experience in building and scaling technology ventures across travel and e-commerce. He also co-founded one of India’s earliest startup accelerators, Kyron (acquired by Techstars).

Vikram has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from RVCE Bangalore and an MBA from IESE Business School.

Lori Riley

SVP People, Communication & Legal, Northern Tool + Equipment

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Mohith Mohan

Vice President – Head of HR & Corporate Operations, Lowe’s India

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