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Power, Purpose, and Possibilities – The 3 Ps of Building global Teams for CIOs

As organizations invest and progress on their digital journey, they are increasingly relying on teams across the globe to help them navigate the changes and build strategic capacity. The availability of skilled talent in the new world of remote work is proving invaluable, particularly in the retail and CPG sectors.

Driven by the rapid adoption of technology, companies are looking at ‘beyond outsourcing’ in their quest to build critical, employee-led strategic capabilities. These global centers are also proving to be centers of excellence, prompting leaders to explore their potential as drivers for enterprise growth.

  • What can empower enterprises to be resilient, scalable and future-proof?
  • How have global teams or Global Capability Centers enabled the strategic and accelerated adoption of technology?
  • What are the key considerations for building an innovative, collaborative ecosystem for a growing organization?

We find answers.

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